After a few weeks of constant practice, the Boiz head for Shearn Studio in deepest darkest Somerset to record a demo of their title track Noiz Boiz. Bridgwater based music co-operative, Sheepworrying Enterprises, announce plans to release a compilation of local bands and Noiz Boiz are included. The compilation tape Tubular Sheep is release in early 1981 highlighting the quality and diversity of musical talent in Somerset and Bristol and provides a springboard for the Boiz.

Following good reviews of the demo and as the band start to gig regularly around Somerset, the Boiz receive financial backing from local fan and entrepreneur Phil who puts up the cash for the band to go into the studio. In May 1981, Noiz Boiz enter Cave Studios in Bristol and record the tracks Noiz Boiz and Flashback which are released as a double A side single in June 1981. The single receives airplay on local radio as well as Radio One (thanks to the god-like John Peel) and over the next three months, the band embarks on a busy schedule of gigs to promote the single. Fan mail arrives - some of it even complimentary!


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