As the summer of '82 approaches it becomes clear that the early spark had started to dim. Band members struggle to balance work commitments with gigging, and the rock & roll lifestyle begins to take its toll (a cliché but true).

I can't really remember Noiz Boiz splitting. Like an iceberg heading inexorably toward the equator, the band slowly fell apart. It just seemed that one week there was a band and the next week it was gone. Many local journalists had high hopes that Noiz Boiz would go onto bigger and better things but that burning ambition and desire was never really there.

Over twenty years have passed and some of the people involved with the band are no longer with us. The single has subsequently appeared on a compilation LP Raw & Rare British Punk, Volume 3 released in 1997 and the single can be found for sale on many punk record websites from Japan to the USA. Strangely enough, the band appear to have been repackaged and have metamorphosised into a mod band.

Perhaps that is their lasting legacy. Their unique style - a fusion of punk, metal and powerpop - could never be pigeon holed and I hope this site is testimony to their impact on the local music scene at the time.


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